January 19 2015

Temps rose to an unusually high 50 degrees, quite unusual for this time of year. So I took the opportunity to wash the poor Yamaha, since she has been my work horse for the past few weeks due to icy conditions.

1-19-15(1) 1-19-15(2)

The salt has been doing a number on her. They really go a bit heavy on the salt around here, especially in the tunnels and once you get into the city. It is not unusual to have to ride through a giant pile of salt build up at the beginning and end of the tunnel into Boston.


Cleaned up well, no signs of any real damage. A bit of surface rust starting to form on the rotors, but that happens even in the summer thanks to the ocean breeze. Given the conditions I have taken to cleaning and lubing the chain and sprockets at least once a week, which I feel is absolutely necessary if there is to be any hope of more than one season out of this chain. I have been cleaning the break rotors about once a month, which is not much more than I would in the summer anyway, that ocean air is a sneaky bitch.

1-19-15(5) 1-19-15(4)

The tire studs seeming to be holding up ok, I think I’ve only lost one out of well over 150. They are showing a tad of surface rust, but that is to be expected, and they do not appear to be showing any wear further than aesthetics.

January 15 2015

Slightly snowy ride into work today. Chilly but warm compared to the last few weeks. The studs are performing wonderfully on the icy roads, feels like there is no ice at all.


Now if I can just figure out a way to stop the poor GoPro from getting all smudgy from the snow after a while.

January 7 2015

Been riding to work daily now. Not a whole lot of exciting pictures, its been really shitty and grey out. Super cold the last two days, well into the single digits with the windchill. Plus a bit of snow on and off.


Luckily my new office has an in house tap to help with the cold.


Happy New Year 1-1-15

Been a crazy few weeks with the holidays and my ongoing job search. Thankfully I have secured a new job and I will be going back to work starting next week. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and new year. I went out today and prepped all the bikes. Updating the registrations, cleaning the chains, checking tire pressure, etc…

1-1-15(1) 1-1-15(2)

Not too bad for the first ride of the year, only about 28F.