Been a wild few weeks. We got hit with the biggest winter storm that the Northeast has seen since I have been alive. Got over 3 ft of snow in my town.

Obviously with conditions like this I was trapped indoors for a few days, same as most of the regions non-emergency workers, working from home.

One day after the storm I was brave enough to venture out. The main streets were fairly clear and dry, but getting from my driveway to the main section of town was quite arduous.

Only way to learn how to ride in new conditions is to try, and drops like this are inevitable at first. I did manage to get the hang of it after a while, although it is still quite daunting to ride in these conditions, and I do not recommend it. Thankfully the little Yamaha is made for just this treatment, granted they intended it to be dropped in dirt not snow, and it can handle minor drops and falls with no noticeable damage. As a bonus, a light bike is easier to pick up, especially in slippery snow.



January is officially down, leaving only February and the often mild March months before I will have officially survived my first winter on two wheels.