If you love to ride then why not ride every single day of the year? What started as a simple unwillingness to buy a car has become a personal challenge to me. I will make a conscious effort to ride my motorcycle every single day. Rain, shine, snow, sleet, ice, 100+ degrees, and sub zero temps. I live in New England, the land of absurd and wild climate swings, so I will see it all. I have been riding for 10+ years and mostly car less for the past 2 years. This will be my first attempt to go 100% car free ( full disclosure: my girlfriend does own a car and I will borrow it for things that would be physically impossible to do on a bike IE: picking up more than one person from the airport. However, I will commute and function normally using only my bikes.) I will document all of the follies, difficulties, general crazy situations, as well as the excitement and fun. Disclaimer: My goal is to be as safe as physically  possible, but motorcycles are an inherently dangerous mode of transportation. I will use all of the appropriate gear to keep myself protected and warm, and will operate accordingly given the current road conditions, but I am well aware that I may be puitting myself in some pernicious situations. But whats life with out a bit of risk.

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