December 10 2014

Similar temps to yesterday, hovered in the low 40sF. The rain was not nearly as terrible as yesterday. Had a fairly moist ride but nothing too intense. Testing out mounting positions for the gopro, today I tried the new chest mount harness. Its a pretty cool perspective but I don’t think it works well given the size of my windshield and the seating position on the Ducati. I will try it out tomorrow on little Blu and see if it works better on that bike.

December 9 2014

Warmed up quite a bit today, was around 45F. Unfortunately, it was also torrential down pouring. No ride pics today, did not have my water proof camera, but I should have it up and running tomorrow. Stayed fairly dry except when I ran through a 2 foot deep puddle and water ended up flying in to my gloves from the back. On a side note, old style radiators make great glove warmers.


December 8 2014

First really cold day of the year. 19F (-7C) with a bit of wind.


There was a very light dusting of snow, but the roads seemed pretty dry. I needed to go grocery shopping, so I decided to take the Ducati despite the conditions. It is difficult to fit an entire weeks worth of groceries in a backpack.



She handled fairly well, although I need to up the PSI in the tires next time its this cold.






December 5 2014

Set about putting the new studs on my tires today. There is a bit of a learning curve involved in installing these but I got the hang of it pretty quick.  I ended up using the larger studs for the rear tire and the smaller ones in the thinner front tire.  The manufacturer recommended 50 studs per tire, but that was not even close to being enough for my tires ( this will vary depending on your tires tread pattern.) I ended up using about 80 of the larger studs in the rear tire and use all 100 small ones in the front. If I could buy them in smaller denominations than 100 I would get some more of the smaller ones to fill in the front tire a bit more, but it is fine for now.

12-5-14(1) 12-5-14(2)



Took her for a test spin around the block, no major issues, no thrown studs, and no leaks in the tires. Decided to take a longer trip down to the marina to test out the handling at higher speeds. It gets slightly squirrelly on dry pavement at higher speeds or in corners but nothing that too outrageous. Also, makes a really awesome metal clacking sound at low speeds. All in all I am pleased with the performance, and I look forward to testing them in icy conditions. Got a little bit of snow flurries on the way home, but not enough to stick to the ground.


December 4 2014

Took little blu out to break in the tires some more.


Got my new ice stud in today from Aerostich. Going to try two different sizes.


These larger low profile studs will go in the center tread knobs


These smaller studs are designed for scooter tires but will work nicely on the smaller side knobs. Should be getting these installed soon.

December 3 2014


Chilly morning started around 35 F Degrees ( about 2C) and quite foggy/misty.


By noon time it had warmed a bit to around 40F (4.5C) but the rain had started on the way home.