January 19 2015

Temps rose to an unusually high 50 degrees, quite unusual for this time of year. So I took the opportunity to wash the poor Yamaha, since she has been my work horse for the past few weeks due to icy conditions.

1-19-15(1) 1-19-15(2)

The salt has been doing a number on her. They really go a bit heavy on the salt around here, especially in the tunnels and once you get into the city. It is not unusual to have to ride through a giant pile of salt build up at the beginning and end of the tunnel into Boston.


Cleaned up well, no signs of any real damage. A bit of surface rust starting to form on the rotors, but that happens even in the summer thanks to the ocean breeze. Given the conditions I have taken to cleaning and lubing the chain and sprockets at least once a week, which I feel is absolutely necessary if there is to be any hope of more than one season out of this chain. I have been cleaning the break rotors about once a month, which is not much more than I would in the summer anyway, that ocean air is a sneaky bitch.

1-19-15(5) 1-19-15(4)

The tire studs seeming to be holding up ok, I think I’ve only lost one out of well over 150. They are showing a tad of surface rust, but that is to be expected, and they do not appear to be showing any wear further than aesthetics.

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